Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc.

Our Vision

We are the link between excellent trained and proven K-9 Bloodhound Teams which can be utilized by Law Enforcement Agencies for Man Tracking and Human Decomposition work to help find lost and missing, and to help bring criminals to justice.

Our Values

Bloodhound Man Trackers acknowledges the unsurpassed abilities of a Bloodhound for Tracking & Human Decomposition detection work. 
Bloodhound Man Trackers highly regards properly trained Bloodhound K9 Teams.
Bloodhound Man Trackers respects the job of all who serve in Any Law Enforcement capacity.
Bloodhound Man Trackers values all Human and Canine lives.

Our Mission

Bloodhound Man Trackers is organized and dedicated to:
Properly train bloodhound K9 teams for law enforcement.
Working cohesively (as a team and extension) of all the law enforcement agencies we assist;
Operating with the highest moral standard for all lives (human and canine).
Promoting bloodhounds to be used more frequently and to the best of their ability;
Providing all law enforcement agencies with a ready option of a trained, proven bloodhound team.