Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc.

FRANK HURST - Handler and President

Frank Hurst is  the President and co-founders of Bloodhound Man Trackers, Inc. Frank has been involved in the public service field for several decades with both the police and fire service. Frank's passion for helping others is what fueled the creation of Bloodhound Man-Trackers. Frank's mission has always been to help others, no matter their ability to pay for a service or not. Frank has assisted dozens of law enforcement agencies across the USA and has numerous training and teaching hours in bloodhound trailing and human decomposition work.  Frank is proud to be a member of  NecroSearch International as a Decomposing Human Scent K9 Handler and a resource for NCMEC (the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). Frank has testified several times as an expert witness with his K9 partners.

Thousands of hours K9 Handling Hours
Over 100 Bloodhound Deployments and Cases
Over 10 Years Bloodhound Tracking & Trailing 
Over a dozens years in Decomposition Work
Over a decade of Narcotics Work
Assisted Over 30 other Law Enforcement Agencies

K9 Team for:
- Bloodhound Man Trackers‚Äč
- Elizabeth Police Department
- NecroSearch International
- NCMEC(National Center for  Missing & Exploited Children)

Case Work Experience:
     Cold Cases
     Missing Persons
     Fleeing Felons
     Vehicle Theft
     Narcotics Search