Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc.

Bloodhounds Unsurpassed Trailing & Tracking Abilities ​

The Best Canine Nose

We start by yielding to the Wolf as the #1 Canine Nose; but you will be no less amazed by the #2 Canine Nose of a Bloodhound!

It's All About The Scent

Scientist estimate the human body is made up of about 10 Trillion total cells, and that every hour between 30,000 and 40,000 cells fall off.  (Sort of like the Pig Pen character in Snoopy, only you can't see them).  Think about it, that is over 1 Million cells shed in 1 day.  Now consider, each person's cells and scent is different; and lastly that a Bloodhound can Identify & Discern the Difference!

Tracking Versus Trailing

Tracking is following the "track" footstep to footstep.  

Trailing is following the SCENT TRAIL, which is not always on the exact path due to weather and the environment.  

Bloodhounds TRAIL...  they follow the SCENT TRAIL.

How does the Bloodhound & their Bloodhound Nose Work?  

The large nostrils allow for the scent to come in.
The long snout has more olfactories (scent receptors) than other dogs (German Shepherds have 50 million more than humans, Bloodhounds have 3,000,000 more than humans). 
Their ears sweep the scent, and the excess skin on their head & neck hold the scent.
Even their drool helps to enhance the scent.
They can identify the specific scent (person) they are trailing.
They love the "Find Them Game" and most real working bloodhound would trail until their kidneys failed.
Remember they have been bred for over 200 years to TRAIL.

PLEASE NOTE:  Bloodhounds must be healthy & fit.  Not too large, not too frail.  They need healthy hearts, strong hips & elbows, and good feet!  Most working bloodhounds will be required to work from 8 months to 8 years of age, and possibly 8 hours a day.