Bloodhound History​​

Ancient Bloodhound History

1000-2000 BC - There is a plaque from Ancient Babylon which some say is a type of a bloodhound.

630-699 BC -There is an illustration in the Nineveh Palace of an ancient dog that history refers to as a bloodhound/mastiff.

55 BC - The Romans arriving in Britain spoke of finding great scent hounds.

European Bloodhound History

727 AD - Beginning with St. Hubert, the French Monastery bred hounds with great noses, courage, endurance, & throatiness.  Most of these dogs were black with some red/fawn accents.  St. Hubert is thought by many to be the beginning of the true bloodhound.

1066 AD - St. Hubert Hounds were brought to England (often as a gift for royalty).

1066 AD - Also at this time were Talbot Hounds (white hounds).

1270-1305/07 - During the Medieval times of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, Sleuth Hounds (Bloodhounds) were often used to track & hunt people.

1859/1860 AD - England had it's first dog show in 1859, and in 1860 bloodhounds were entered in the show.

American Bloodhound History

1700 -1863 - Throughout much of the American Slavery time period Bloodhounds were used to track down runaway slaves.

1888 - Three Bloodhounds were entered at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

1910 - There were about 200 Bloodhounds registered in the American Kennel Club (versus 2,379 Collies, the #1 breed at the time).

1962 - The National Police Bloodhound Association was formed (initially it was called the Eastern Police Bloodhound Association).

2005 - The American Kennel Club has 3,112 Bloodhounds registered.

2014 /2015 - Bloodhound Man-Trackers, Inc. was formed to provide trained & proven Bloodhound K9 Teams for Law Enforcement.

Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc.