Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc.

AL NELSON - Handler and Master Trainer

Al Nelson served over 39 years with the Jefferson County Sheriff's office and has since retired.  His extensive expertise as a Bloodhound Handler & Man-Tracker is now available via Bloodhound Man Trackers, Inc. (where he also serves as a Board Member).

His skills in training & handling bloodhounds are unmatched, as he himself trained with the great bloodhound man tracking legends such as Bill Tolhurst,  Jerry Yelk, Garland Gilman and Glen Rimby. 

Al shares his knowledge with other Bloodhound Handlers to ensure the knowledge is passed down, carried forward, and that Bloodhounds continue to do the unique unsurpassed job of Man-Trailing.

Nelson has assisted a great number of local, state and federal agencies including working many high profile cases. Al has testified numerous times as an Expert Witness.

He is modest in discussing his talents, and does what he does to serve others and for the love of bloodhounds.

Bloodhound K9 Team for:
- Bloodhound Man Trackers
- NecroSearch International
- Jefferson County Sheriff  
(39 yrs of service, now retired)

Case Work Experience:
      Cold Cases
      Missing Persons
      Fleeing Felons
     Vehicle Theft
     Narcotics Search