Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc.


Bloodhound Man-Trackers was the answer to the decline in use of properly trained, proven bloodhounds for use in law enforcement. Frank Hurst, Al Nelson, Brian Eberle and Marlene Groves formed the group in an effort to keep these amazing K9s as a resource for those agencies that no longer had or could afford to have a team for use. Frank and Al were both law enforcement K9 handlers, and were in the process of retiring-which led to the problem of no longer having proven bloodhounds around in law enforcement. On a sunny Monday morning, Frank presented his idea to Al and Brian about having a group that could still provide bloodhounds for use. The idea took root and soon the group started to realize that the idea could become reality. One of the first hurdles was the…lack of business background from the current group; a couple of retired cops and a firefighter didn’t scream business experts. Enter in Marlene Groves. Marlene was a good fit for the missing component. She was a bloodhound advocated (breeder or Frank’s current hound Radar), had a background as a business consultant, and knew the lingo and had the "how to".

With the “bloodhound” Justice League assembled, the foundation began to get laid for BLOODHOUND MAN-TRACKERS. The end goal was simple, have proven bloodhounds for law enforcement use to help find the lost and missing, bring criminals to justice, and ultimately provide closure for families that lost loved ones.
Since our official formation and recognition as a 501c3 non-profit in 2014, over the years through private donations, the kindness of people, and dedication of many, Bloodhound Man-Trackers has been able to assist dozens of agencies on hundreds of calls. We will continue to help and answer the call thanks to our supporters, handlers, and family.

Our Bloodhound K9 Teams are ready to trail for you!

Solution - We Formed Bloodhound Man-Trackers, Inc.

To provide trained & proven Bloodhound K9 Teams for Law Enforcement Agencies 

It is similar to how Fire Departments provide resources to other Agencies; and similar to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) that sends in help to an area when help is needed.

All our K9 Handlers have law enforcement experience and collective K9 handling experience of over 100 years. 

We are a 501c3 NON PROFIT,  any/all donations are tax deductible and are supporting a worthy cause.

Problem - Background & Costs​
The salary of a Law Enforcement K9 Handler can range from $30,000 to $80,000 per year.  Plus the costs of a vehicle, insurance, and the costs associated with their K9.

With the diminishing funds for city, county, and even state law enforcement agencies, K9's Handlers are often one of the positions they just can't afford.

But K9's are needed; especially Bloodhound K9's as they are the absolute best tool for any agency to use to serve the needs of their citizens.  Cases can range from Homicides, Burglaries, Missing Persons, Fleeing Felons, runaways, Vehicle Theft, Assault, Abduction & Kidnapping, and just about any crime (as crimes involve people, and bloodhounds track people.

Law Enforcement K9 Handlers