Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc.


EXCESS SKIN:  Holds & Focuses the Scent.
LONG EARS:  Sweeps Up the Scent.
LARGE NOSTRILS:  Bring in the Scent for the Scent Receptors.
EYES:  Protected from injury and nearly blocked from distractions.
DROOL:  It helps to keep the Scent Moist and more Potent.


BODY is Strong & Athletic, but also Agile.
BAGGY LOOSE SKIN:  Protects their body & hold the Scent.
LONG NECK:  Allows their head to reach the ground & the Scent.
LARGE CHEST:  For big heart & lungs, needed for a working dog.
FEET:  Large but well padded so they can work on them all day.


SNOUT:  It is long to allow for more Olfactories than other dogs.
OLFACTORIES:  That's a fancy name for Scent Receptors.
        German Shepard Olfactories are 50,000 times better than a human.
        Bloodhound Olfactories are 3,000,000 times better than a human.
NOSTRILS:  Large and the shape even helps process the scent.
NOTE:  A Wolf has the best canine nose, then a Bloodhound.