PHIL BACA - Treasure


After attending the University of Colorado for a B.S. in Accounting, Officer Philip Baca was employed as a law enforcement officer for the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office from 2006-2013. During that time, Officer Baca was also a tactical operator with the Special Operations Response Team from 2008-2013. While on S.O.R.T. he was trained by SWAT, trained by the U.S. Marshals and the Secret Service. He has done many presidential protection details while employed as a law enforcement officer.

Philip Baca was a Kaminsky certified Field Training Officer (FTO) where he trained and certified over 20 new recruits out of the academy. He was an instructor for response to an active shooter, building searches, and riot control, in addition to finishing the Jefferson County Urban Rifle School.

Philip Baca has been Financial Controller for a company in the Denver Technology Center for 3 years and is responsible for a budget of over $10 million. However, Philp Baca could not completely leave the law enforcement community, he so loves. he is also a current part-time patrol officer in the Denver metro area.

Philip Baca has been working with Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc since March of 2015 as their Secretary-Treasurer and enjoys volunteering his time to such a great organization. 

Bloodhound Man Trackers Inc.